Academic Activities

December 2021

  • Computer Literacy Day.

November 2021

  • LKG A Children prepared their snack by following the concept of whole and part
  • Lkg A children had enjoyed messy car activity
  • Lkg A children enjoyed the purple bubbles experiment.

September 2021

August 2021

  • Cat face activity by Nursery class
  • Creative use of grains done in class by grade 1A students

July 2021

  • UKG A students enjoyed making swar उ and ऊ with the help of plasticine
  • LKG A paper boat sailing activity photos
  • LKG A yellow colour activity photos
  • Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work
  • LKG A photos for farm animals painting activity
  • Each fruit a day keeps doctor away
  • Sorting Activity By Nursery Class
  • LKG A photos for Puddle jump activity
  • LKG A Square shape activity photos

June 2021

  • LKG A photos for concept learning same and different.
  • LKG A Photo’s for Red Colour Activity

April 2021

  • We are Mosaics.Pieces of love, light, history, stars…….glued together with magic and words.
  • May the New Year be the harbinger of peace, prosperity, and happiness. Happy Gudi Padwa!

February 2021

  • Could you lift an ice cube with a string?? Here U Kg B students are showing how to lift it…
  • Ukg B kids are forming dark and light shades of pink colour.